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101 Effective words to use in recognition
(according to Darcy Jacobson – Globoforce)

Words have simple, but tremendous power. The right combination can move you to tears or rage. They can diffuse a volatile situation and they can make someone beam with happiness.
Sometimes when we need inspiration most, we find ourselves unable to come up with anything better than “great” or “excellent”. Below is a list of some powerful words that have been proven to have impact and may be just what you need to give your message life. Consider using them to make your recognition more pithy and effective.

You – According to experts, “you” is the most powerful word in the English language.
“You really blew us away with the innovation you showed on the Lewis project, Tom.”

Names – No, not the word “names”, but the name of the person you are talking to. Studies have proven that your brain lights up when it hears your name.
“That was a masterful presentation that you gave on quantum theory, Nate. We were very impressed.”

Because – Because is a great word because it always precedes a proof point. It means you’re backing up what you have to say with specifics—and that makes it more credible and more powerful in prompting repeat behavior.
“Marc, because of your effort to build rapport with this client, we were able to save their account.”

Thanks – It’s the classic. But you’d be surprised how few people actually use the word thanks, or thank you.
“Thank you for your unfailing support for new ideas, and your passion for excellence, Tom.”

Results – Using the word results (result, resulting, or something like it) shows that the action your employee undertook had a measurable impact, and that you recognize their hard work in pursuit of that outcome. In social recognition, where peers will see the message, this also lets everyone else know what an effective impact the employee has had. “The result of all of your effort, Nina, was a 25% increase in call volume over the past month.”

Words for Effort
Overcome, succeed, excel, achieve, grasp, generate, develop, design, productive, accomplish, volunteer, produce, discipline, create, resolve, execution, triumph, victory, complete, masterpiece, conquest, initiative, outcome

Words for Quality
Organize, improve, excellence, exceptional, striking, aware, brilliant, elegant, eloquent, intuitive, strong, outstanding, merit, talent, distinction

Words for Attitude
Thoughtful, responsible, creative, energetic, enthusiastic, resourceful, motivated, dedicated, innovative, reliable, vibrant, wise, flexible, versatile, consistent, considerate,
commitment, confidence, imagination, passion, tenacity

Words for Leadership
Capable, oversight, vision, navigate, command, conduct, cutting-edge, star, champion, vanguard, role-model, respect, direction, insight, inspiring, admired, courageous, engaging, enterprising, invincible, masterful

Words for Teamwork
Help, support, benefit, advocate, save, encourage, revive, dependable, reliable, prepared, cooperation, advice, fortify, sponsor

What are some of your favourite words to use in recognition?

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