Everyone coach?

Coaching is based on your talents, core qualities and skills to achieve your ambition. The meaning of the word “coach” seems to be fading today. Everyone seems to be a coach now: sports coach, life coach, burnout coach, nutrition coach, business coach, etc.

Being a coach is a profession that requires a specific attitude and skills. There are different views on the subject and more and more we read about new studies in scientific research proof that a professional coaching approach will lead to sustainable results.

It takes several years to master the theoretical knowledge and the practical resources available to be a coach today. I dare to say that you can call it a personal mission to get people moving, let them grow and prosper.

I would like to tell you about our experience from a business context, let us call it business coaching.

What is coaching for business?

Today, we notice that customers are struggling find what they exactly need, is it training, coaching or consulting?

The person to whom final coaching is proposed does not want his “individuality” to be affected.

Without going into detail here in this article, you can state that a consultant, trainer or mentor comes with his expertise. He conveys knowledge and skills and wishes to motivate the participants to apply these skills in their job. Coaching, however, works in a very different way. It works from the inside out.

I would like to introduce here the research that was conducted by the Dutch Prof. Fred Korthagen and Ellen Nuijten in 2015. In 2000 they started looking for the strongest elements in the wide range of coaching approaches and they combined these elements into one powerful approach.

To reach sustainable results we should be looking for the inner potential of the participant. We are looking at what the talents, thecore qualities and the strengths are of that person. We find out together how they can use their talents, core qualities and strengths to overcome things and to play  those to become even better.

The positive psychology

The positive psychology gave them many insights on the long-term effects of coaching.

This discipline focuses on processes and strategies that promote well-being, optimal functioning and resilience. A lot has already been written about this, but there appeared to be an opportunity to work this out in a coaching approach, the so-called strength-oriented coaching.

The essence of strength-oriented coaching is the shift from complaint-oriented to strength-oriented support.

As a coach, you use psychological, communicative and intellectual methods with the aim to achieve the ideals that a person has chosen himself. The task of the coach is to guide and support this process.

The more the ‘backpack’ of the coach is filled with recognized and/or scientifically founded theories, processes and methodologies, the more flexible  the coach can work with the coachee.

Strength-based coaching

The goal of strength-based coaching is that the coachee experiences the positive power of his ideal and his own core qualities. That he discovers, feels and becomes aware of internal obstacles (obstructing convictions) that are slowing down that force.The coachee makes contact with the will and the choice whether or not to continue with that obstacle and finally chooses to discover his core qualities, to become aware of it and to consciously use it to achieve his ideals.

An example

A manager receives the feedback that he can be rather hard and negative in his feedback to his employees. His management decides to let him work on his communication skills via coaching. The development of communication skills is a competence. He is under the impression that his communication style is relevant and justified at times that his team does not meet the business expectations. During the coaching sessions it is expressed that the core qualities of the manager can be defined as ‘having a good understanding of the business’, ‘honest’ and ‘eager to learn’. These are the core qualities the coach can work on with the manager to help him giving feedback.

It sounds like a cliché but it is true, being a coach is a passion. The essence is loving and appreciating people, the power to really listen to the coachee, actively and curiously. The coach puts aside all judgments, own perceptions and convictions to be completely, intensely present with the coachee.

The coach is willing and able to continue to search for new elements to get people moving.

That is the beauty of humanity, the continuous evolution to grow into a better society where individuals and groups thrive and grow.


Coaching at marbl is putting the core qualities of the individuals and the teams on a map. Are you interested in finding out more about our coaching methods? Get in touch and see how we can work together for a brighter future!

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