Get to know your color

How do blue, red, green and yellow provide you Insights?┬áDo these four colours ring a bell? Right! We’re talking Insights Discovery here. Personal effectiveness is strongly linked to how good people know and understand themselves and their environment.

Insights’ starting point is that each person is unique and carries a unique mix of these four energies within him. It provides simple and effective insight in your own behaviour, and the impact and effect you have on others. It improves your personal effectiveness by better understanding your personal motivators and those of others.

How does it work?

Your profile is generated by means of an online questionnaire. The debriefing is always done during a face-to-face session. Many organisations today use it to give people better insight in their management and leadership style, communication style, etc. based on their personal preferences. And it is also used to improve effectiveness of teams.

Want to know more about this powerful tool? We’re accredited practitioners to guide you through this. You’ll be amazed by what it can do for you in your job and in your personal life… and of course also for your organisation.

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