Remote leadership, a new type of leadership?

One of the most important changes that we have learned to put into practice at an accelerated pace since March 2020 is remote management and leadership.

An interesting topic and for many of us quite a challenge to find answers to various questions.

  • How can you guarantee an organizational culture when working remote?
  • How to respond coherently to what the world, your teams, your employees expect from you?
  • How can you keep your employees involved.?
  • And what about the other questions you are asking yourself right now?

In the end the evolution towards remote is not new. It has been a practice put into place for many international companies with remote workers. It can contribute to higher productivity, more flexibility, better efficiency. It can stimulate confidence and brings innovation. Remote working says goodbye to bureaucracy.

Remote leadership is not about technology. Your beliefs, your thoughts are much more interesting than the means you use to contribute to the mission, vision and strategy of your organization.

What values and beliefs impact how you? How do you make decision? How do you consciously install enthusiasm with your employees? …

The acronym “R.E.M.O.T.E” from Arjan Banach, author of “Remote leadership” wraps it up in a very concise way. It provides a anchor to deal with the challenges of working remotely.

  • Radical transparency: information is public, communication is concise and clear
  • Experimentation: innovation belongs to everyone, it is not a top-down exercise
  • Meet frequently: more than ever take up your role as a coach
  • Output oriented: focus on tasks and results, install autonomy with structure
  • Talent driven: work from and with talents, from NDA rather than functions
  • Engagement: create security and connection

Is this new? No, not at all. But with remote working the above skills need to be sharpened, need to be given even more attention so that you and your employees can take care of personal development and stay at the steering wheel of your career.

marbl is ready to translate this  into real action together with you and your organization, by designing a hybrid phased learning environment, practical, innovative and with results.

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