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“We unlock the human potential of those who are the heartbeat of your company. Firing up leadership and sales skills via training, coaching and consulting.”

Passionate and talented people fuel the healthy heartbeat of any company. With an open mind, they question what, why and how things are done on a continuous basis. We help them grow through a mix of training, coaching and consulting solutions.

What if we would mix your people’s expertise and our unique experiences in business, rigorous research and new insights to deliver a cocktail of fresh methods that inspire action and result?


We stand by these 3 key elements: training, coaching & consulting

In a tailored approach, of course.


Training and learning have become a challenge in many organisations. It is no longer what it was a decade ago. Today’s learning requires a tailored approach, customer-centred thinking and acting. But most of all an energetic and motivating environment is key.

Today it is many things: in-class training, and also online knowledge nuggets. Management coaching, and also peer-to-peer learning opportunities. On-the-job practice, and interactive applications.
Above all, it requires transformational leadership, belief and involvement from the entire organisation.

We want to get to know you
To get to know your business, we listen to your specific needs. We step into your world and meet your clients. Together we design a fresh approach towards a place where learning & development is both effective and fun.

Blended learning is fun and effective with the right facilitation
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Being successful in business is like being successful in sports. Great coaching is just as important to succeed in the office as in the field. Embedding a new way of believing, feeling and doing things as if you’ve always done it, is entering the next level of “practise makes perfect”!

Set your goals
When you set small, visible goals, and people achieve them, they start believing that they can succeed. They get into the habit of winning, of achieving what they want, in line with personal and company values and identity. Coaching helps to consciously focus on these wins people want to make.

Step by step
Together with the coaches we work on an individual growth path in sales or leadership.

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Many great strategies are lost before they are turned into performance. A fluent execution of sales and leadership strategies requires a well-thought approach.

Our approach
As there’s no substitute for experience, we gladly advise you by transferring our knowledge.
We advise on related subjects, such as designing segmented sales approaches, setting up a blended learning environment, setting up fluent collaboration habits between teams working on multiple projects, assessing competencies, etc.

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