What we do

At marbl we strive to help you realize development and well-being for your employees through leadership development and corporate positivity, bringing a fresh breeze in your organizational culture. We do so via  hands-on workshopscoaching and consulting.

We believe in… 

… bringing out untapped potential that resides in your organisation: maximising skills and qualities of each individual translates into growth, sustainable development and well-being of anyone in the organisation. That’s how long-term relationships based on integrity and trust are built with internal and external clients.

Why marbl?

An enormous passion and drive to translate strategy into a hands-on approach together with our customers in terms of development and well-being

  • Working in synergy and tailor-made, without prejudice
  • Moving towards objectives together, step by step
  • Co-creation based on transparent communication and respect

Together with clients from different industries we are proud to look back on successful development projects. And that’s why we’d be happy and confident to step in as your partner.


As development architects we step into your world to get to know your business and company culture.

We co-create a tailor-made project, rolled out via hybrid learning, in a phased approach: an interactive discovery on our online learning platform marbl digital, processing learnings during on- and offsite  workshops; sharing and feedback in digital cafés.

By making content and theory available on marbl digital, we keep theory out of the workshops. This allows to fully focus on action and interaction during physical and virtual workshops. We encourage participants to actively participate and apply immediately. We work hands-on and build a framework together, allowing participants to use their talents, core qualities and skills.


As true believers of the impact on results of a strength based developmental approach,  we look at the potential there is to unlock in every individual. As certified strength-based coaches, we help coachees discover what their talents, core qualities and skills are, so they can rely upon these. We look at how to overcome habits and thought patterns that are holding people back.

Strength-based coaching ties in with our conviction that a scientifically based approach to coaching taps into people’s inner potential, teaches them to deal with obstacles and enables them to steer towards strength.

Our coaching programs are result-driven. The context, behaviour, skills, beliefs, values, identity, involvement and qualities of our coachees receive valuable attention.


In our role as a consultant we help you prepare, guide and execute projects together. To make sure that strategic projects are translated into practice throughout the organisation, we place our knowledge and experience at your disposal.

Advice goes hand in hand with change. We guide employees to clarify the added value in their day to day role. That’s how we ensure that everyone feels safe in the new situation.

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