Performance appraisals at the municipality of Heist-op-den-Berg

Ann Ponnet of Heist-op-den-Berg says: “We developed a new performance appraisal system and were looking for a partner to train our managers. In times where people’s calendars are busy, investing time in training is always a challenge.”

marbl developed an interactive and above all practical training that was greatly appreciated by the managers. The first sessions of the workshops were facilitated in a professional, pleasant and educational way. The managers found it very interesting and educational, time well used.

Corona forced us to adjust the training. marbl redesigned it into online worskhops, in which, supported by their online platform marbl digital, a maximum of interactive work was applied. At first, the online sessions were perceived with some skepticism by the managers, but afterwards everyone was enthusiastic about the fascinating way in which the sessions were facilitated and the many tools they could immediately use in practice.

We have received many positive reactions and compliments on the approach and the content of the training that marbl gave, both “live” and digitally. We are happy to recommend marbl if you want support in getting immediately started with a new matter.

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