Why Marbl?

Remember as a child when you were playing with a bag full of marbles? Each was unique in colour and size. That is what marbl is standing for: each marble represents a talent in your company. They all play the marble game, each trying to achieve their goal with their uniqueness. marbl oversees the game from a bird’s eye view and helps guide every marble in the right direction. We are there to help you reinforcing your talent and human potential so you can grow as an organisation, a business, a person.

We are marbl. We are brighter all-round.

The team

We can count on a team of experienced and talented people who approach every project with diligence and commitment. The marbl team is a valued player in the world of training, coaching and consulting for leadership and sales. Our way of working is hands-on and made-to-measure. Each one has expertise knowledge and is following the latest trends in development tools to understand how your business works and help you set the course for your future plans.

We regularly attend conferences and talks and stay up-to-date with influential authors through books, podcasts and videos. Our team is multilingual (English, French and Dutch) and can work in different languages according to the need of the project.

Founded by


  • Guy Van Den Berge

    Guy expresses his enthusiasm and expertise in transmitting methods and tools to leaders at all levels, with an emphasis on understanding, practice, application and support.

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  • Roland Gerets

    Roland strongly believes that long lasting business results can only be achieved by balancing tools & processes with people that are passionate about their job.

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  • Freya Spiessens

    Freya is a natural optimist, living her life believing in chances and opportunities, rather than risks and problems.

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  • Joëlle Verbeurgt

    Joëlle is passionate about coaching and guiding people and organizations to develop and to evolve in line with their own vision.

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  • Martine De Prijcker

    Martine has been developing herself through a professional career of 20 years and this in managerial and non-managerial positions, both in a financial and marketing & communication environment.

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  • Kristel Wils

    Kristel is eager to deliver coaching and training with tangible impact for individuals, teams and organisations. She combines strong people skills with the expertise of understanding complex business situations. This creates a win-win approach. Leaders and teams meet their full potential while setting the company up for economic success.

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