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Martine has been developing herself through a professional career of 20 years and this in managerial and non-managerial positions, both in a financial and marketing & communication environment.

She also developed her practical experience as a trainer, coach and facilitator during the majority of her career.

Practice shows that Martine has often been a source of inspiration for entrepreneurs, leaders, teams and individuals who are looking for sustainable personal growth and stronger results.

She also applies her passion for permanent development and growth to herself: she is a certified Insights Coach and Trainer, Accredited System Coach, Burnout Coach and Advisor, Walking Coach and NLP Practitioner.

The values Martine wants to stand for and wants to propagate are : orientation to people and results, empathy, enthusiasm, a positive attitude, warmth, trust, respect …

Her energy sources come from the connection with people, continuous exchange of learning and life experiences, being open to interpersonal beauty and grandeur, to the wonderful nature, to the small and the big things. Going that “extra mile”.

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