We find the insights from positive psychology fascinating:

.Optimum functioning to experience maximum well-being,
emotional, psychological, social and societal. We translate this into scientifically underpinned work around positive leadership and corporate positivity®

corporate positivity®

Working on a positive organisational culture because culture forms people and people form culture. A practical method to dynamise an organisational culture.

Translation into five ambitions: positive engagement, climate, connections, mindset and communication, based on the conviction that the potential is present in every organisation.

positive leadership

Balanced with oneself, positive with people and focus on results.

A leadership model that starts from self-awareness as an inner compass.

A translation into core competencies strengthened by an open mindset, focus on existing qualities, consideration for values, meaning and well-being through all the organisation’s layers.

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Er wordt weleens gezegd: “1 + 1 = 3”. Het is een spreuk waar wij steevast achterstaan, want samen kom je vaak verder dan alleen. Toch is dit rekensommetje niet altijd zo eenvoudig als het lijkt, en dat bleek ook uit de fusie tussen de gemeente en het OCMW van Heist-op-den-Berg tot lokaal bestuur.

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