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  • Everyone coach?

    Coaching is based on your talents, core qualities and skills to achieve your ambition. The meaning of the word “coach” seems to be fading today. Everyone seems to be a coach now: sports coach, life coach, burnout coach, nutrition coach, business coach, etc.

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  • How do your employees learn?

    With new realities in the business landscape, learning has moved beyond the confines of classical instructor-led training and has found its way into new channels: peer-to-peer learning, social learning, blended learning, bite-sized learning, on-the-job learning, etc.

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  • How body language effects what we send across

    Research shows that when your non-verbal and verbal signals are out of alignment, people are forced to choose between what they see and what they hear. Subconsciously, they will believe your body language. Your body language tells more about your motives and feelings than you realise. It’s a key part of your impact on people.

    So here’s a question for you. Do you pay attention to and consciously think about what you are communicating with your body? Not really, sometimes but maybe not often enough? If so, then do keep on reading!

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  • Get to know your dominant color

    How do blue, red, green and yellow provide you Insights? Do these four colours ring a bell? Right! We’re talking Insights Discovery® here. Personal effectiveness is strongly linked to how good people know themselves and understand their environment.

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