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  • Remote leadership, a new type of leadership?

    One of the most important changes that we have learned to put into practice at an accelerated pace since March 2020 is remote management and leadership.

    An interesting topic and for many of us quite a challenge to find answers to various questions.

    • How can you guarantee an organizational culture when working remote?
    • How to respond coherently to what the world, your teams, your employees expect from you?
    • How can you keep your employees involved.?
    • And what about the other questions you are asking yourself right now?
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  • Sales – transaction or connection?

    1752 – Benjamin Franklin founds one of America’s oldest active insurance companies.  He establishes a model around a subscription-based service. A salesperson visits you at home, presents a pitch, closes the deal and makes routine personal visits to collect the monthly subscriptions. At the time, this model was perfect, but as companies grew, sales people began to realize they didn’t have time to hunt for new clients as they were too busy collecting monthly subscriptions.

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  • The importance of our mindset in our learning process

    American psychologist Carol Dweck (2006), affiliated with Stanford University, spent decades researching why some people are successful in life and continue to develop, while others who are equally talented dwell. She discovered that people’s mindset plays a crucial role in their learning process. Carol Dweck discovered two types of mindsets (ways of thinking); the fixed mindset and the growth mindset (fixed and growth mindset).

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  • Discover your True North

    Warren Bennis is one of the pioneers in the field of leadership. He was the first to say that the real source of leadership is not a set of skills, but something within you.

    “Leadership has to do with who we are as human beings, with the forces that have shaped us; …,  it is always about authenticity.”

    Bill George, author of Finding your True North, interviewed more than a hundred CEO’s and leaders across the world. This served as a basis for his guide to becoming an authentic leader, following his True North.

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